President’s Message


Allow me to introduce myself, I am Don Currie presently serving as President of HighTechLending. Inc. HighTechLending Inc is a paperless mortgage bank specializing in FHA and Reverse mortgages. I was born and raised in Southern California and have a BS Degree in Business Administration, Finance and Real Estate. I am a published author and national speaker. I have been a mortgage professional for over twenty-eight years and am currently the President of OC CAMP formerly known as OC CAMB.To be involved in the Mortgage Industry in today’s market requires dedication. The Loan Programs, Guidelines, and Legislation which regulate the way we do business changes daily. To truly represent your client’s best interest a Loan Originator must seek out all the knowledge and expertise this profession has to offer. CAMP offers education classes, it lobbies our Local, State, and Federal legislature to produce common sense legislation, that not only will protect the consumer but will protect our industry.

Most consumers and professionals in our industry don’t understand, for every consumer protection agency such as CAMP, there is an opposing force trying to produce legislation that may enhance their business but would hurt the consumer or our industry as a whole. Time and time again, CAMP has rallied support from our Legislatures by explaining to them the damages which could occur if certain Congressional Bills should pass. With this knowledge and the partnering with our legislature and with other organizations we have been able to defeat such legislation. Your membership dues assure that your profession will still be around in the years to come. The education that CAMP provides assure that you will be around in the years to come.

In addition, CAMP offers discounts on services and products which enhance my business as well as saves my hard earned money. My father always said “A penny saved is a penny earned”. I encourage you to check out the benefits of CAMP. Every true Professional belongs to a trade organization which enhances their knowledge and their profession. Research your CAMP lobbyist; how they protect us and the clients we serve. Then ask yourself

“How can I afford not to join?”

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